Start Building Your Twitter Account By Adding Massive Amounts Of Targeted Users All On AutoPilot!

Hello Twitter,

First of all how are you doing? Is everything all right? I hope everything is going great for you! So let us start. Shall We?

In this sales letter I do not want to bore you by using different marketing techniques. I want to talk to you like a friend to friend show you the benefits of my program and how it can benefit you by benefiting your business.

Basically, we all know (and if you do not know then keep on reading) that twitter is really really hot right now and most of the people are using it right at this moment. If you actually look at the Alexa ranks your chin will drop all the way down. In other words twitter is growing and growing and growing...every single day, minute and second.

We also know (and if you do not know then keep on reading again) how to earn money using twitter. I am pretty sure you have heard of stuff such as adding targeted twitter users and then sending them affiliate links based on the targeted keywords which increases your chances for a sale. If not then you just found out about it. Now before anyone can sell anything on twitter they first have to add followers which is a tedious job (and trust me it is). It is really boring and time consuming especially if you are trying to add targeted twitter users.

Now you might say "Oh well whatever I can listen to my IPod while I am adding friends". Yes you can BUT you can not be following more than 2000 people unless you have at least 1850 followers. Getting those followers is what makes the job EVEN harder. Why?

Because let us say in one night you followed 2000 people and only 50 followed you back. Now you have to go and unfollow those who are not following you and guess what? You have to do it so many times until the number of the followers is at least 1850. Now if you are brave enough then go ahead and start doing it and it WILL work but I mean listen are you seriously going to do it? No your not... like me you are going to get lazy and forget about it.

So long story short: My system does all that stuff automatically. Use it, add as many twitters as you want, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

I did not really do a good job with reviewing my program above but as you can see below I have a little list which shows EXACTLY what you can do with this system. By the way I will be adding new tools to the members area every week and if you are a member already than you will be getting those tools for only $100. Just kidding it will be all yours for free!
  • Add your own targeted keywords.
  • When the keywords are added program will search for twitter users based on those keywords and add them to your account. That will happen every hour.
  • Every other hour program will searching for people who are following you but you arenot following them and will simply add them.
  • Every day at 12:00 AM program will be searching for people who are not following you (but you are following them) and will simple remove them.
  • Use our program to update your status directly from your GetTargetedTwitters account - you do not have to log into twitter and then do it.
  • You have an option of sending a bulk message to all of your followers.
  • We give you the possibility to analyze each and every follower you have in a the most meticulous way.
  • If you find a follower who is in the same niche that you are then probably his/her followers are also interested in that specific niche. Well we give you the possibility of adding their followers to your account with just one click of a button.
  • You can use Google Alerts to make a feed about a specific keyword you choose and then use that URL of the feed to update your twitter status - On autopilot using our Auto RSS Tweet System.
  • One of the great things about this program is that you can schedule a tweet for a specific year, month, day and even an hour!
  • You have an option of earning money instantaneously by using our reseller package which gives you the power of GetTargetedTwitters directly to your hands and you earn money using our website.
  • You have an option of choosing to follow people based on the top daily trends. That gives you a chance of increasing your followers drastically!
Now I am also not going to use those corny lines such as "ONLY 2 COPIES LEFT" or "HURRY UP THE PRICE IS GOING UP". The fixed prices is $24.95/month and it will not change so you do not have to hurry or anything. Go think about this sales letter and when you make a decision and you think you would like to purchase my product then just do it!

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P.S. And no if you close the window you will not see a fake assistant popping up out of nowhere and asking you not to leave by offering you coupons. So don't try it and save your time on that.

P.P.S. No we will not use your twitter username and password for any other purposes but for the verification and the services described above.